Play is the highest form of research.

Why I’m a Play-evangelist

Why I’m a Play-evangelist Hi, my name is Tanis, and I’m a play-evangelist. Yes, I’m also a leadership and wellness coach. I’m a thrive catalyst. I take my work in

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Nourish playbook banner

Want to thrive?

Want to thrive? Choose nourishing over numbing- here’s how! I’m passionate about ridiculously simple, research-based tools that support us to thrive. One of my favorite go-to tools is my NOURISH

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Be the plant

Be the plant!

Be the plant! This is one of my favorite metaphors when it comes to our thriving journey.   Think of yourself as a plant. Simple stuff. When it comes to creating

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Really Good Questions.

Really good questions

Really good questions Really good questions for ANY time of year, but especially this time of year. A few REALLY GOOD QUESTIONS is all it takes. I love any excuse to

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