Whether it’s a bursting auditorium, an intimate retreat gathering or interactive playshop,

your audience will be deeply inspired and empowered to thrive.

A sought-after speaker and gifted storyteller, Tanis’s engaging and compassionate personality leaves audiences curious and open to new possibilities.

Coach and speaker Tanis Frame.

Tanis draws on her background in facilitation, research, wellness and leadership coaching to offer fun and engaging presentations that help us effectively navigate the overwhelm of everyday life and leadership and to step powerfully into alignment with our values and purpose.

She’s charmingly obsessive about discovering where science can support us to thrive and flourish.

She offers a refreshing voice of grounded optimism and inspired action in a world where we are overwhelmed with information, pressures to collude with old ways of thinking, and relentless demands of being and doing enough.

It’s time to take a step back, take a breather and discover a new way.

“Tanis doesn’t just speak to audiences – she transforms people through powerful insights and engaging stories that inspire true change, and educates with cutting edge information and methods. I guarantee you want her presence at your next event."

–Leah Goard​, Business Strategist


Enjoy a fun, interactive experience of learning together. Understanding and embracing community connection is the critical ingredient to thriving lives, families, and organizations, one that is missed too often.

Discover insights from leading edge science as well as wisdom traditions to tackle the most common issues and bottlenecks that get in the way of thriving in life and work.

Learn new principles, tools and perspectives to support you and the people you serve. Return to your life and work knowing how to integrate these, plus take with you essential brain and soul food to radically transform your day-to-day, to move you or your team out of survival mode and firmly onto a path of thriving.

Popular Topics

FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING: Insights From The Front Lines & Leading Edge Science.

PLAYING BY A DIFFERENT SET OF RULES: Deciding to Thrive one simple courageous choice at a time.

PLAY IS THE WAY: The secret sauce for thriving leaders, businesses, communities and families.

TIME TO THRIVE: You DO have time and it IS time to thrive. Discover why and how (P.S. It’s not time management).

CONNECT AND THRIVE: Create and leverage the power of connection in your team or community. Break down the barriers to create a culture of belonging and camaraderie.

Give your audience a powerful interactive playshop!

Tanis is a seasoned facilitator and creative play ninja. Highly engaging and interactive creativity or play based workshops is where she works a special brand of magic.

Interactive playshop.Leveraging the power of the group, play and dynamic activities, Tanis has an adept, playful process that brings forward insights that land in a profound way.

When participants learn by experiencing, feeling, and playing with ideas and concepts rather than simply talking about them, lasting learning and transformation takes place.

Tanis brings a refreshingly adventurous spirit to explore our ways of being, our humanness, and our deeply held assumptions that unlocks huge opportunities for change and growth.

Using her sharp sense of humour and ability to quickly cultivate connection in a group, she reconnects participants with core truths, new insights, and an expanded sense of possibility.

This type of deeply integrated learning is not only powerful, it creates a memorable event with a lasting impact.

If you’re looking for an impactful alternative to another boring slide show or speak-to-sell presentation, Tanis’s brilliant playshops are it.

“Tanis is an absolute delight to work with, full of positive energy and amazing ideas. She loves to create experiences that are playful, yet deeply powerful and meaningful where participants feel safe and open. Tanis is a powerhouse of inspiration. We had rave reviews for her workshop and highly recommend having her share her magic at your event!”
–Jonathan & Stephanie Fields, Good Life Project

Community connection is most often the critical missing ingredient to thriving lives, families and organizations. Playshops give groups experiences to learn simple, powerful ways to immediately understand, embrace and build connection and community.

Learn while you experience the science of creativity and play for all of us. What we thought was frivolous child’s play is proving to the be secret sauce for thriving leaders, businesses, communities and families. Uncover tips and tricks to integrate creativity and play – essential brain and soul food – easily into your life.

Take with you playful insights into what will truly make your life or organization come alive, and gain an understanding of what’s been getting in the way.

Popular PLAYshops Include

VISIONS PLAYSHOP: You’ve never vision boarded like this before.

PLAY WITH PAINT: Play your way to uncovering what cultivates thriving and what gets in the way.

SHINE: Luminous Living and Luminous Leadership.  

CONNECT AND THRIVE: How to create connection in your team / community and why that’s so important.

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