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Decide to Thrive Book Club

Infuse your year with insight, inspiration, and connection. 

We’ll gather a few times each year to spend a few weeks exploring my favorite books, written by inspiring authors who share powerful insight about living thriving lives.

Our Decide to Thrive books are written by women who are brilliant leaders, very unique and very real women who have decided thrive and play by a different set of rules. Fun reads with heaps of actionable insight.

This is my way of saying thank you for journeying with me, for being part of this growing and awesome D2T community and for being curious and open to exploring what cultivates true thriving in our lives and what gets in the way.

Decide to Thrive - Book Club.

Community GATHER Calls

Connection ~ Insight ~ Grounding ~ Nourishing

Are you craving some sacred nourishing space?

Once a month we’ll gather in my zoom living room for a delicious hour together. See what it’s like to create some sacred time together and see how much lighter and clearer you feel by the end…

Gather to receive.

These calls are FREE to join and there is no need to RSVP. Once you are on the list you will receive an invite and link to join our next gathering.

Join us to fill your cup!

Decide to Thrive - Book Club.

Tanis Frame's Playground Rules.
Tanis Frame's NOURISH Playbook