Be the plant

Be the plant!

This is one of my favorite metaphors when it comes to our thriving journey.   Think of yourself as a plant. Simple stuff.

When it comes to creating and cultivating your ecosystem – the life you build around yourself – think about building an ecosystem like the one that would be around a thriving plant. What happens when that plant doesn’t get water, or doesn’t get sunshine, or doesn’t have healthy fertile soil to nourish it, or doesn’t have room to grow?

Be the plant.Not a pretty picture, right?

Anyone feel like the wilting plant?  I hear ya. Been there.

Now imagine that your plant is getting everything it needs to flourish. Lots of water, light, nutrient-rich soil and plenty of space. Growing becomes effortless and inevitable. Flourishing. Blooming.

It’s not about doing more or working harder. It’s about finding the ease and power that comes from alignment. This is where we’re going to tap into flow and start to feel some powerful momentum.

Alignment is getting really clear on what will make YOU thrive in your life, what makes YOU come fully alive in your life, and getting really clear on how you actually want to feel in your life…

Then aligning your day to day life with THAT.

To do that we need to build on our capacity to respond rather than react on auto pilot. We start to make decisions that are more aligned with our thriving. We notice how our physical body has been programmed through evolution, and is in many ways wired for survival. This links in with the narrative in our heads – what do we hear, what do we automatically do… like value work over play, or let fears or perfectionism make the decisions for us.

By cultivating our capacity to choose wisely, a thousand times a day, we’re taking the helm. A big part of this is getting ourselves into the green zone so we can actually make conscious choices. Think of the green zone as the thriving plant zone. This is where we want to live, and this is where we want to grow.

Would love to hear how this plant metaphor feels for you and what helps YOU thrive in your life.

Let me know in the comments below! And until next time, BE the plant. 😉