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Want to thrive? Choose nourishing over numbing- here's how!

I’m passionate about ridiculously simple, research-based tools that support us to thrive. One of my favorite go-to tools is my NOURISH CARD.

This tool is where science meets soul and puts it into action!

Every day we humans (yes all of us) come up against uncomfortable moments – vulnerable human moments. We’re stretching ourselves in new ways, venturing into new territory, or having a ‘triggering’ experience (you know, one of those darn growth opportunities!). Sometimes it’s big, but often so small and so subtle we don’t even notice it.

Running on automatic pilot, we are hard-wired to move away from the discomfort of being human.

Our brain interprets that discomfort as a threat. As a result we unconsciously choose to numb ourselves out, distract ourselves, take the edge off with… a glass of wine, surfing netflix, numbing out on social media, ‘comforting’ ourselves with chips, chocolate, new shoes…

Numbing takes you down in a negative spiral, away from the discomfort.

Nourishing lifts you up, it gives you the loving support and capacity to move through the discomfort, rather than run away from it.

The ability to in the moment to consciously choose nourishing over numbing -to choose upward spiral rather than down- is the key to thriving in your life rather than merely surviving through it.

This simple yet ridiculously powerful tool that is going to help you do just that!

Creating my own NOURISH CARD has been transformational. I’ve also witnessed the magic this simple tool has worked in the lives of many, just like you, who decided to give it a try.

I’m thrilled to share this with you!  This short and fun PLAYbook will dive into more depth and walk you through the WHY and HOW of creating and using your very own NOURISH CARD.

Let’s get this powerhouse tool working for you today.  May I send it to you now?

Tanis Frame's NOURISH Playbook