Really Good Questions.

Really good questions

Really good questions for ANY time of year, but especially this time of year.

A few REALLY GOOD QUESTIONS is all it takes.

I love any excuse to pause and reflect… heck in this relentlessly busy society we live in, a pause is a cherished treasure…and the flip of the calendar is as good an opportunity as any for a good pause and a few excellent questions to ponder.

The key to thriving is the ability to draw a line in the sand, to pause, to reflect, and to make a conscious choice about how to move forward. 

We can do this a thousand times a day. And, a new year, a birthday, an anniversary of any sort is also a great opportunity to draw a line, and move forward with conscious intention.

Here are a few great questions I’m chewing on today and thought you might like them too.  Carve out some sacred space for you to connect and reflect sometime over the next few days or month and play with the questions that resonate most:

What did this year teach me about myself? 

How am I going to use that new insight to support myself to thrive in this coming year?

What is no longer serving me, that I am now ready to leave behind?

What is my life / my soul calling me to DO this year?

What is my life / my soul calling me to BE this year?

What are three things that I know makes my soul smile? How will I bring those into my days regularly in this coming year?

Who brought nourishing connection into my life this year? Who do I want to cultivate a relationship with this year?

What am I clearer on now than I ever have been before? 

Wishing you everything you deeply desire in your life… pause often and get clear… you’ll be amazed at what will happen for you.

Much love to you this coming year – I’ve got some AWESOMENESS in store for you – to say I’m thrilled is an understatement.

If you’re curious, learn more  about how we can continue to explore and play together.  And let me know below what happened for you while playing with these 8 really good questions…