Play is the highest form of research.

Why I'm a Play-evangelist

Hi, my name is Tanis, and I’m a play-evangelist.

Yes, I’m also a leadership and wellness coach.

I’m a thrive catalyst. I take my work in the world very seriously.

AND at the root of it all… I’m a PLAY-EVANGELIST. 

I believe more and more each day in the power of play. And it might not be why you think…

Never stop playing

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
George Bernard Shaw

Play keeps us young physiologically, metaphorically, and spiritually. The research there is sound. It’s good for your health.

It literally keeps us alive and awake.


“The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression.”
Brian Sutton-Smith  

Let’s talk about that. Seriously, we need to talk about that.

Of course I love the power of play for all this… but it’s NOT why I’m a play evangelist.



“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”
Carl Jung

“Play is the highest form of research.”
–Albert Einstein

Play is the birthplace of innovation.

Play is how we’re going to tap into and uncover the brilliantly innovative and completely new ways of being and doing that are going to resolve both our global and personal crises. From climate change to getting your toddler to sleep.

Creativity and play are definitely the way. Playing with innovative out of the box ideas and ways of thinking, being and doing. Suspended curiosity, deep play. 

We’re getting warm, but even that is not the real reason I’m a play-evangelist.  

At the heart of it all here’s what I see: We’re working so damn hard at all the things. Focused so hard on keeping all the balls in the air. Armoured up to be everything we’re expected to be. Serious business.

We’ve forgotten who we truly are.
We’ve forgotten what really matters.
We’ve lost our way.
We’ve lost ourselves.
We’ve lost our connection with each other.



And let me remind you, I’m not talking about playing football… tho that’s great and can definitely be a part of it. 

I’m talking about playfulness, creativity, boundless curiosity, inviting a playful spirit into everything you do. 

That problem at work, what if you stopped working so hard on it, and played with a few ideas instead? 

The mega to do list? Invite play in – the cool kids would say “gamify it”. Make a game of it, make it playful. 

Exhausted? Play is generative. Play is the ultimate renewable energy source. 

Lost in play.

Do you remember what it feels like to be totally lost in play?

When was the last time you got lost in play? With paint, with music, with friends, with sand between your toes, or water splashing in your face? Can you remember that feeling?

It might be recent or you may have to go way back….  take a moment… remember how that felt. Lost in play.

THAT is why, that freedom, that peace, that 100% in the here and now. THAT is play. 

We reconnect with who we truly are….

PLAY is the way HOME. Back home to ourselves. Back home to the clarity about what matters most. Back home to our true nature. 

That’s why… and here’s the thing: when we’re lost in play and finally finding our way home… magic happens. 

You know I’m the hard core scientist (or maybe you don’t… but I am)… 

AND while there’s tombs of research supporting the power of play and how it supports us to thrive deeply as individuals and as a community.

I think Liz GIlbert brilliantly captured why I’m truly at the heart of it all, a play-evangelist.


“Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

The divine, the universe, our inner whatever… I don’t know exactly what it is. But I’ve experienced it in my own life, and I’ve witnessed it over and over. 

When we stop taking ourselves so damn seriously, and we lose ourself in play that lights us up and sets us free… THAT is when we create magic in this world. 

Devoted to being of service and making an impact? Play IS the way. 

So I invite you to get really curious and really courageous about inviting play into your world, for ANY of the reasons listed here. There are heaps of good reasons. Your health, your productivity, your community, your vitality.

Most of all I hope you’ll get curious and play with play to see if you feel the magic in it too.

Big Love,