What I know about thriving

There are a a few things about thriving that I know for sure. They come from studying the research, exploring with amazing clients for the last decade, and just from being in the trenches of life along with you.  First thing I know for sure about thriving is this:

Thriving is a courageous choice, one we make a thousand times a day. 

Our choices are endless. We can choose to show up or not show up. We can choose to give ourselves permission to do something we love, or we can stay stuck in resentment-land.

We can choose what we make a priority and what we will let fall by the wayside. We can choose curiosity over judgement.

We can choose to speak to ourselves and treat ourselves like crap, or we can build a healthy and even loving relationship with ourselves.

Thriving is a choice

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Sure, yes, life happens. And sometimes really really shitty stuff happens.  So whether we’re talking about what we do when the really shitty stuff happens, or whether we’re talking about how we choose to meet the much more mundane bits of our day to day grind…  there are choices to be made. And those choices are what determines whether we are thriving or barely surviving.

When we truly see and own that thriving is a choice. When we own both the incredible liberty AND the tremendous responsibility it brings. Then everything begins to change. Everything.

There is good a reason I call it a courageous choice. It’s simple, but it’s not always easy. Choosing to thrive takes courage.Because often, when we are deciding to thrive, we are coming face to face with our deepest fears. So be gentle with yourself, and get very very curious. I want you to listen very carefully to what you’re saying in your head about this. This business of thriving being a choice.

“Well maybe but….”

“Yeah but…”

“Maybe for you, but for me…well that’s different because…”

And don’t beat yourself up or tune this stuff out –and MOST OF ALL – DON’T BELIEVE IT! 


Uncovering and unpacking those stories you’re telling yourself about how or why this isn’t the case for you… How you’re an exception to this fundamental truth…

You are most certainly exceptional… But you are definitely NOT an exception.

Listen carefully, be deeply curious and let’s riff on this… I’d love to hear your thoughts – both the ones you’re choosing to believe and the ones you aren’t.  😉