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Personal and Professional Leadership Retreats

Whether you are looking for a reset button for yourself or your team, curating and facilitating live immersive experiences is my superpower. 

When it comes to creating experiences that rock your world in the best possible way… I don’t f@ck around. Creating live experiences that nourish, surprise and delight you is one of my greatest strengths and joys. I have a gift for reminding you of what you already know to be true; the essential truths that have been covered up by layers of life happening to us.

I will meet you or your people where you are, and give you an experience you will LOVE. One that will connect, nourish and grow. I guarantee.

Decide to Thrive retreats bring together the insights, tools and practices of leading edge science and wisdom traditions, plus years of experience facilitating high performance teams and women's circles - you're in for a treat!

Enjoy the ultimate blend of inspired play-shops, adventures, and wide open spaces for sharing uninterrupted conversations or doing absolutely nothing immersed in nature.

Joy, insight, and freedom filled days for YOU to relax, reconnect, reclaim, and recalibrate.

Shed the layers and expand into your own wisdom with inspirational and playful sessions building our Deciding to Thrive foundations, tapping into the power of science, art, and meaningful connection with like-spirited souls.

Return home with renewed vitality, new tools and ways of being to carry wildness, natural wisdom and freedom into your every day!

Give yourself or your people this precious gift of time, attention and nourishment.

“Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us."  Liz Gilbert


This is for you if...

You want to create space for YOU in your life, and to spend quality time with amazing humans playing, laughing and growing.

You’re seeking deeper contentment, peace and joy.

You're resonating with the Decide to Thrive philosophy and community and want to dive deeper face to face, heart to heart.  

You're experiencing disconnection, from yourself, others, or from the magic and wonder of our natural world.

You want to reclaim your childlike spirit of wonder, awe, and magic. (Its waiting for you!)

You are enjoying being curious about what it takes to thrive in your life and what is getting in the way. You're already getting a sense that there is a better way and you'd love to feel into it in person.

You want to tap into new wisdom and inspiration to find your freedom and grace every day.

You understand that if you want things to be different it’s time to do something different. And that might include giving yourself a powerfully nourishing weekend with amazing D2T women!

You’re ready to feel truly alive, deeply nourished and wildly expanded.

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After 20 years of obsessively researching what cultivates thriving and what gets in the way, here's what we know for sure:

Play IS the way home.

For us grown-ups, play: reduces stress, improves brain function, boosts creativity and innovation, improves relationships, makes you feel energetic, and so much more.

Not only does the experience of play cultivate thriving. It shines a powerful light on what's getting in the way.

By carefully curating nourishing experiences of all kinds of play we will uncover more about what's cultivating thriving your life or your team, and what's getting in the way, than we could in a week of analysis.  And the bonus is we all get to have some fun and laughs while we're at it.




Simply put, PLAY ain't just for kids.

It take us into a part of our brain and selves that allows us to explore and expand in a uniquely transformative way. 

It will bring us the gift of reconnecting with our childlike spirit: wild, wise and free.




karenTanis did a fabulous job of breaking the ice and making us more comfortable. I think perhaps we were all surprised a little by how natural and intimate the feeling became, very supportive and frank. It was lovely, refreshing, and inspiring, a reflection of Tanis’ energy, and her integrity.“
– Karen Valair


Tanis asks the important questions in life.  She is inspiring and loving and REAL!” – Nancy Perrier


Tanis is always inspiring and brings a great deal of commitment to her work. She leads a group with humour, patience, tact and a great deal of compassion. Above all she’s a spectacular listener, and with that unlocks the potential for huge growth.”
– Hilary Walle-Jensen












We are meant to laugh, play and connect, so we can be wholehearted leaders.
Fun is our sacred responsibility.



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