Together let's bring the light, joy and fun back into December!



Together let's bring the light, joy and fun back into December!





Join us for the Decide to Thrive Solstice Advent Calendar: 21 Days of Playful Delight!

Create space for you to thrive this December with a short, daily dose of play designed to infuse your days with lightness and ease.



This holiday season my gift to you is...  

A simple, transformative Solstice Email Advent Calendar (aka holiday thriving in less than five minutes a day)!

This is my thank you for journeying with me, for being part of this growing and awesome D2T community that blows my heart wide open, and for being willing to show up and play in your life. So here’s 21 more days of play and fun to be had together!

Let's combat the overwhelm that December can bring with these bite-sized morsels that I’ll email daily from December 1st to 21st.

They will redefine short and sweet and make your inbox a happier place!

Together we can transform feelings of overwhelm and darkness to light, joy, and thriving fun.

There's nothing I want more than to see you thriving thru the holidays!

 Join in the Solstice Advent fun now! 

Sign up because you’re already dreading December.  Oh no!  Not feeling the Ho Ho Ho!

Join because you could use some ridiculously simple and powerful tools to thrive everyday. Especially thru the holidays!

Sign up because you’d enjoy some love and light in your inbox this December!

Join because you want to put leading edge science (that’s fun!) into action in your life.

Sign up because you want to thrive through December, rather than just survive.   


Whatever your reason, I’d love you to join this Solstice journey with me. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s light on commitment and heavy on thriving. Think of it as our daily mini playdate.  Seriously, how de-light-full would that be?


Wondering what you'll be getting?

A daily spark in your inbox that will take 5 seconds to 5 minutes max. We don't have time to mess around in December!

Some days there’ll be quick exercises to help keep you centered. I’ll also be doing a bit of pure love bombing. (Because sometimes you forget how freaking awesome you are!) There’ll be some short video lessons from nature. Yes, I'll be coming to you straight from the winter wonderland of Whistler with wisdom to rock your day

I’ll be inviting you to new ways of thinking, or being, or doing. And don’t be surprised if I throw a dance party in there. It’s fun. It’s light - literally and figuratively.

Most importantly it’ll make your December better, and that's a promise!


Sign up to stay saner this December AND have more fun.

Let's do this!


 I’d love you to join me! Together let’s make this December awesome!


After December 21st you won’t receive any more daily missives from me, instead you will receive my occasional dispatches of wisdom, insights, and tools to support you to thrive in your life.  I'm fiercely committed to honouring your inbox and you can unsubscribe anytime. 

For those of you already getting monthly emails from me - you still need to sign up here for Daily December Doses of thriving goodness!




I'm thrilled you're here and to see you deciding to thrive in your life.  Bring it on December, we've got this!

Big Love, Tanis