We are meant to do this together. 
Thanks for showing up.

Hi I'm Tanis

Idealist, Possiblitarian, Thrive Catalyst, Play Evangelist, Mom, Partner and Soul Sister. 


I am...

Relentlessly curious when it comes to exploring and connecting the dots.

Deeply committed to thriving in my life, supporting my famiy and my community to thrive in theirs, and being a professional instigator to fuel this revolution. 

Devoted to helping you find the ease, meaning and freedom you yearn for.

Intensely curious to see where this journey is going to take us. If you're curious too... let's do this!


I help passionate people make the impact they are called to make in the world while thriving deeply in all aspects of their lives. By building capacity to choose and create a meaningful life they love and by clearing what’s getting in the way.  Tool box of curiosity, discernment, innovation, devotion, right action, compassion, connection and deep play. I help leaders lead without the overwhelm or burnout. Putting joy, freedom, camaraderie, innovation and deep play into a new way of luminous leadership. Cultivating a new movement and community of luminary thriving leaders. Like-spirited trailblazers who are truly rooting for each other, because we're in this together.

What I know for sure...

We are ALL meant to thrive, and there is plenty of thriving to go around.

Courage, curiosity and vulnerability is where all the really good stuff begins.

The little stuff matters. Little moments of joy – and little changes that lead to big results.

Creativity and play are the way home.

Sharing our journey with laughter and tears in damn good company is the best medicine there is… along with a really good hug.

When in doubt, go play outside. Nature fuels and grounds us like nothing else.



 You have your answers.

I’m here to create the space for you to hear them.

I’m so glad you’re here.







My Journey

With decades of experience as a biologist and environmental health scientist, and in applied positive psychology it's easy for me to sift through the science on thorny topics and how we truly flourish as humans. I love serving up science with a whole lot of soul!

I married my best friend and we’re celebrating almost 25 years together. After two cats, two dogs, two kids, three major house renos, three house builds and about 20 moves, we still really like each other and laugh together every day. (Even though there are plenty of days I can’t stand the way he loads the dishwasher.)

I fell in love with motherhood, even though it has completely kicked my ass – I mean… has been my greatest spiritual teacher. I’m the proud and flailing mom of two amazing, wild young girls who deeply inspire me and drive me nuts on a daily basis.



I'm also a recovering over-achiever.

I mastered success and winning early on. I was a rising star in whatever I pursued (career growth and world championship gold medals included). But as I entered my 30's and became a mother, while I was checking off all the boxes the meant "success", I found myself yearning for a deep contentment and sense of thriving and inner vitality that remained frustratingly elusive.

It felt like I was on an accelerating treadmill where nothing was ever enough, and where I, most especially, was NEVER. EVER. ENOUGH.

As I looked around me, I realized that I was surrounded by an incredible range of women who were suffering in the same way. All of us, from diverse backgrounds and different lifestyles, making so much happen in the world, striving to be our best and give our best.

Yet we were losing ourselves, rather than finding ourselves, in the process. I knew there had to be a better way. THERE IS.

That’s why I’ve spent the last decade plus exploring what makes us thrive and what gets in the way.  Every day I learn more about what it takes to create a healthy, joyous, and truly human life – for ourselves and for our families. From the worlds of science, wisdom traditions, and plain old grinding it out in the trenches and supporting the journeys of hundreds of incredible souls – I'm here to share it all with you.

From the AH-HA moments, where we discover our own truths that are so simple yet insanely profound to the subtle evolutions that come with  practicing life with devotion, and compassion, and the gentle ease that comes with aligning our everyday lives with who we truly are.

When we share our journeys, we grow exponentially.  When we gather in true community we see ourselves in each other and are seen and celebrated for the real brilliant humans we are. In community we rise, we aren't meant to do this alone. Our attachment to fierce independence is actually getting in our way.

When we find our people, and most importantly, when we find ourselves, we're never alone again.



Welcome to the Decide to Thrive Community.



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View More: http://lindynwilliams.pass.us/20160723_day-of-play
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"Tanis is such an inspiring teacher and has an incredible gift for bringing women together who just have each other’s back! Support, compassion and curiosity, no judgment - just likeminded souls. This community has shifted my perception of life, helped me find my own answers, opened my eyes and heart for truths I hadn’t paid attention to. D2T has brought me back to myself, brought me closer to the people I love, and gave me dear new friends."  -  Annerose Lutz 


Tanis asks the important questions in life.  She is inspiring and loving and REAL!” – Nancy Perrier

"This is a woman who walks the talk, and mixes it with a good dose of playfulness and belly laughs! 

Tanis brings a refreshing lightness to working with hard truths, and a sense of adventure to exploring the further corners of our nature.”

– Janette Girod


Tanis is always inspiring and brings a great deal of commitment to her work. She leads a group with humour, patience, tact and a great deal of compassion. Above all she’s a spectacular listener, and with that unlocks the potential for huge growth.”
– Hilary Walle-Jensen

Tanis is a powerhouse – an energetic, knowledgeable and clear-thinking researcher, as well as a friendly, caring and experienced leader.”
– Glenys Webster



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