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I’m reaching out to have a real open discussion about DECIDING to THRIVE – my live online program.   Please give me a few moments of your time, because this could possibly be a hugely impactful decision in your life. And the time is now to make a decision. Registration closes Wednesday at midnight.

If you’re one of the lucky and brilliant women already in the program – get outta here – high five – you’ve already heard from me. Love you!

For the rest of you, let’s riff a minute together. There are oodles of amazing people out there offering amazing programs.  The LAST thing I want to be in your life is more overwhelm coming at you.

So let’s talk straight and figure out if this program, now, is right for you.

If you want to be in and just had it fall off your radar – go here now and grab your spot!

If you feel drawn but then quickly get hit with a list of YEAH BUTs… then I think it’s time for us to dig around those and see what’s really going on. Let’s get to clarity for you one way or another.

Part of the reason I wanted to touch base today as I’ve just come off a wild ride of a January. Can you relate?   Post holidays, return to school and work, new year expectations, launching a program, running a wickedly fun online book club with 80 women, hubby traveling much of the month, wrapping up one house build and finalizing renovation plans on another, nightly lice checks to make sure we stay in the clear, plus a pain in the neck that might be from shoveling all this snow… it’s cutting into my hip-hop dance moves (and my sleep), kids birthday party, parent meetings, and oh the sleepover kiddos just knocked over the very ripe compost bin… it went everywhere!

…sigh the list goes on and on and on…  AND we’re heading into FEBRUARY.

Here’s the thing: life happens. It’s how we’re able to navigate life and everything it throws at us that makes ALL the difference.

I have been leaning hard on the tools and capacities I’ve built over the last few years in my life and boy oh boy THEY WORK!!

I have been able to navigate this crazy month with a sense of ease and clarity and focus and to be with my kids as they’ve needed me, to keep myself healthy and enjoy vitality, and get absolutely everything that truly needed to happen done and have stronger relationships in my life than ever before.  This is NEW for me too… I spent decades doing that month very differently.

This sh!t works!!!

DECIDING to THRIVE is all about sharing everything I’ve learned from my own journey, my obsessive researching, and from working with women just like you intimately for the last ten years.

I’ve received some really great questions and challenges- so I want to answer them here because often we share the same questions in life….

Q: I really just don’t have the TIME to do this right now. I so want to do this but I’m concerned about being able to give it the time it needs.

TIME TIME TIME. The number one barrier to us thriving in our lives is the belief that we don’t have the time to thrive.  Let’s put an end to that. This belief is not serving you. And this is exactly why time is one of the first things we tackle in the program.

THREE answers:

  1. You will actually create more time in your life by applying these tools in our day to day.  Honest. If you feel like you never have enough time – PLEASE join us – because that is such a crappy way to live day after day after day.  I’ve been there – believe me I know!
  2. We will be doing most of the work during the webinars themselves –1 hr every two weeks- and you will need to carve out another 15-30 mins/week to participate and interact in the FB group or the monthly Q&A call. That’s it- that’s all you need to make the program have an impact. You may end up spending more but it’s definitely not needed.
  3. Everything about this program is about creating more ease, joy and freedom in your life– not adding to your to do list. I’m ALL about integrating this in to your day-to-day.

Finally, if you’re saying to yourself that you want to do this, and that in a few months, or years you’ll have more time. STOP THAT!! Stop procrastinating your joy, stop procrastinating making the way you feel in your life a priority.  You will NEVER magically have more time and space in your life. You will LOVE discovering how to CREATE more time, but you’ve got to do something different to make that happen.

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Q: What makes this program different than other courses?

Well, everything is unique so that’s a tough one to answer. But I’ll tell you this: Many courses or programs are designed to teach you something. This one is different because the objective is not just for you to learn something, but rather to implement that learning in your life and to get real traction from it. THAT’S what this program is about – creating traction in your life, not just teaching you how to do that.

That’s also a big part of why this program is stretched out over a good period of time – you’re going to be integrating your learning in your life. And the program is long enough that you’ll get to learn something, try it in your life, have some huge wins and build momentum, AND you’ll also be able to fall off the wagon so to speak, AND we’ll get you back on. Because that falling off the wagon, getting off track, getting weary of novel new habits… that’s where you really learn about what’s getting in the way of living a thriving life… and when we get through those hurdles together, you’ll have built some serious thrive muscles along the way!

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Q:  I’m trying to spend less time on line and be more present in my life / with my family.  So I don’t know if this is a fit.

YES!! Hallelujah!  I am THRILLED to hear you are noticing a habit that is not serving you and making a shift. Perfect. That is what it’s all about.

This program does require that you read a few emails each week, and watch a 60 min webinar every other week. Now, you can do that in your yard, or the park bench, outside the coffee shop. (I have a bit of a habit of watching webinars on my porch with my headphones on).

We will be doing fun creative activities during the webinars, so while you’ll technically be ‘online’ you will also be playing with your creativity and building your off-line habits… things you will start to turn to rather than some ‘numb-out-time’ on social media.

The Facebook group is optional and the intent is not that you log hours there. The intent is that you pop on to share your journey, your ah-has, your questions and spend time connecting with women who totally have your back when it comes to making awesome shifts in your life.  We’re focused on serving up a positive Facebook experience here!  I am there for you 100%.

Each month we hop on a call together to workshop your challenges, insights, and connect. Again – do that from anywhere.

If you’re taking the program with a friend, get together to watch the webinars, bring snacks and make it a party time.

Get creative to make this nourish you.

I’m in- sign me up   more info here

Q: I feel like I’m overwhelmed with so much information and ideas. I worry about being able to handle a bunch of new ideas and take on trying to make all these changes in my life.

Deep breath. Yes, we live in a time where we are literally bombarded with messages and other people’s ideas of how we should be living our lives.

Let me make this crystal clear. YOU already have all your answers. I’m just really amazing at creating the space and experiences for you to find them. 

THAT is my super power.

The whole point of this program is to give you structure and experiences that will connect you with YOU. The wisdom that you have forgotten. The answers that will feel so damn simple and eloquent. This is leading edge and revolutionary. AND the answers will not be rocket science.

You will also leave with an arsenal of tools in your life that are going to continue to support you to stay in touch with your truth and your own wisdom about what is right for you and your life.  And how to align your actions, your life, with that wisdom. New questions and challenges will continue to arise in your life, and you’ll have the tools to tune into your answers with clarity and ease.

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Q: I’m tight on cash and this feels like a big investment right now.

I hear you. Three thoughts on this…

  1. We as women have a shockingly difficult time investing in ourselves. Stop that!  Most moms wouldn’t blink an eye dropping cash on a program for our kids, but for ourselves- heaven forbid! We also piss away money on things that aren’t TRULY nourishing ourselves. Starbucks anyone?  If this is what’s really going on. Please, leap, and take care of YOU.
  2. What is it worth to you to finally get to make some powerful and subtle shifts in your life? The reason I created this program is to give you the very best tools and insights I share with my one-on-one mentoring clients… at a fraction of the cost. If we were to do this program one-on-one you would be paying nearly $6000.  PLUS here you get to create a community of like spirited women around you. The value you will receive – honestly – priceless. And if this is your question, let me just clearly answer you : You deserve this!
  3. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you complete all the webinars, do your homeplay, and still feel like you haven’t received the value you want from this program. I will refund you every penny.  I am in this because I am passionate about changing lives, period. So if I’m not doing that for you, I will happily refund you. If you show up, you’ll see traction in your life. Guaranteed.

There is also a payment plan available and if you need an extended payment plan or support– talk to me – there is always a creative solution.

I’m ready – sign me up   more info here

Q: I can’t make all the playshop webinars live, is it still worth it?

Only you can answer what is worth anything to you. However what I know for sure is that one of our greatest challenges as women is to consciously create time to tend to US. Whether you can make the webinars live or not doesn’t matter.

What this program gives you is structure and a call-to-action (plus immense support) to create time for you regularly for the next 4 months. And being really curious about what gets in the way, how you can creatively, actually do that. Seeing what happens in your life and how you feel day to day when you DO do that….  That is so much of the value.

Last year about half  joined live and half had regular dates to watch the webinars later. Either route they really loved it.

So let’s do this, even if you can’t make all the webinars live, let’s work together to get YOU putting YOU on the agenda.  I will help you discover how to make the time for you to spend time getting to know you better so that you can build the life you truly yearn for. Every week of your life.  And you’ll see that everyone around you will be so grateful for the shift.

OK that’s a lot from me today… If there is anything else you’re seeking -I’m here – drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.

If you want to leap – do it right now. Do not wait. Just say yes to you.

The sooner you sign up the sooner I can get your welcome package and journal in the mail to you.  But the door is open for you, when you’re ready.

All I want is to see you shine. Really truly shine and love your life. Because you deserve it and because the whole world will be a better place when we can each do that in our lives.

And ’cause frankly we’re gonna have a crazy tonne of fun together. (I’m selfish like that!)

Big Love to you,  Hope to see you Deciding to Thrive!
xo Tanis

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