What to do when struck with the flu?


I’m coming off a nasty flu. It wasn’t pretty!

It gave me opportunity for a wee (ok… big) pity party.

AND it also brought me face to face with tremendous gratitude that the worst my family is wrangling with right now is a flu passing through.

It will come, and it will go.

It was inconvenient, and it made me miss out on something that was really important to me AND it also reminded me how insanely grateful I am for the fact that more great things will come and that I’ll be healthy and ready to welcome them.

There’s something I’ve learned over the last few years:

We can be sad AND grateful at the same time.

Gaining healthy perspective and taking stock of what we’re grateful for does not mean that we can’t also recognize when something sucks and feel sad, mad, disappointed, hurt…. and much more.

Being grateful doesn’t mean we need to deny the other things we feel.  Feel that, and also…. feel grateful.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you… what is it like to hold space for both?

What are YOU grateful for today?

One comment on “What to do when struck with the flu?

  1. Grateful AND sad – the dance of the titans! Love the prom couple you’ve connected. So true and in a way makes the sadness waaay (well slightly) easier to bear. TY.

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