Welcoming the New Year

IMG_8982I had the great privilege to make a dear friend’s spontaneous wish come true. 

She decided on Dec 31st that she would love to start the new year off with great girlfriends and a hike up the local Soames Hill to watch the sunrise. 

So I thought about it for a minute… that’s some early rising required (which is actually a new habit I’m working on developing) and it’s women, it’s ritual, it’s movement, it’s nature, it’s fun – HELL YEAH! These are all things I deeply love and value… so of course I jumped at the opportunity! 

So here’s a few pics of us welcoming the first sunrise of 2016 in the company of great girlfriends.

We made a toast (with hot tea) and I wanted to share it with you… 

“May 2016 be filled with friendship, adventure, spontaneity, and SELF CARE!!” 

Nature, connection, movement- yes self care – these are key ingredients in a thriving life! 

Whether it includes hiking in the dark up mini mountains or not – I hope you bring what YOU love into your life. 

What small acts of self care are you seeking to bring into your life in 2016? Please share below – I’d love to hear! 


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