Seeing and Celebrating vs. The Stuff Not Done

This first year of Decide to Thrive, this community of ours being live, has been a whirlwind and every day I’m called upon to walk my talk and actually USE the research-based tools I love to share. I’m slowly learning to follow my own advice (equally shocking and revolutionary!) You see, I have this massive vision of what we’re creating here together with Decide to Thrive. This community of like spirited souls taking action to deeply thrive in our lives. Knowing there is more than just surviving the daily grind. Tanisblog

Hundreds and thousands of women rocking this simple truth: that thriving is a courageous choice and it takes playing by a different set of rules.

We’re taking about a REVOLUTION here people.

You living the life of deep freedom, joy and vitality that you yearn for.

AND…. on the side of spearheading this wee revolution… I’m just me, Tanis, managing the mundane (school lunches, taxes, recycling) and the massive (suddenly moving to a new town, buying and selling homes, and too many friends fighting for the lives of their children) and the deeply important (walking my talk, nurturing the relationships that matter, and supporting my own vitality so I can support yours).

Tanisblog2So certain things ARE going to fall through the cracks (as much as it pisses me off). Everything in my consistently-ridiculously-over-ambitions plans won’t get done – on the work, play or family fronts. Sound familiar? Who here has a blank empty completed to-do list everyday? Yeah I know, me neither.

So we have a choice… We can focus on everywhere we’ve fallen short (like sending regular emails to you or having the website updated) OR We can focus on what’s gone really right (like the amazing shifts happening in real women’s lives because I’m showing up imperfectly to play along side them). Truth is, as with most things in life and business, perfection is highly overrated and by the way, it simply doesn’t exist in the human experience. Instead of perfection and focusing on failings… Having clarity about what you want to create, dusting yourself off when you fall short, and meeting that desire with a fresh dose of devotion – rather than self-flagellation – is the most powerful series of choices we can make every single day. Tanisblog

How about you? Where are you focusing on where you’ve fallen short? Where can you instead focus on celebrating everything amazing you’ve been and done?

Today I’m choosing to celebrate the wins and learn from the stumbles…

  • celebrating with you with the intention of visiting you more often with useful insights, meaningful conversations and opportunities for us to gather as a community and to THRIVE DEEPLY
  • celebrating and leaning into these images of the space we created together to thrive
  • celebrating the cards and the emails I’ve received from women who are deciding to thrive and how the insights and View More: we’ve created together is radically transforming their every day lives
  • and honestly celebrating the times I chose to take care of me and my girls and my friends over sticking to my to-do list

Most of us suck at this… it takes practice… so practice we shall. We’re in this together.

I’m also celebrating the two awesome photographers who’ve captured our magic: Lindyn Williams and Carolyn Clarke!





Curious about cultivating thriving in your life and what’s getting in the way? Looking for research-based insights, tools and powerful conversations with a group of women who want to see you shine? Check out Decide to Thrive Immersion – the journey beings in February. Let’s get you the traction to shine, because the world has never needed your light more.   

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