Women's Retreat

July 28 - 30th  2017    Heffley Creek BC

Summer time, our season of freedom and play.

Set aside one cup-filling weekend just for you...

Retreat with us and rediscover what it means to be wild, wise and free!


A reset button and SO much more.

Join us for the ultimate blend of relaxation, nourishment, play, connection and growth.

Lean into freedom as we explore the wisdom and wildness in women.

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Enjoy the ultimate blend of inspired play-shops, horse wisdom experiences up close and personal, plus cherished wide open spaces for sharing uninterrupted conversations or napping under a tree.

Three joy and freedom filled days for YOU to relax, reconnect with your child-like playfulness, reclaim your freedom, and recalibrate your soul. Give yourself this precious gift of time, attention and nourishment.


Soak up the natural paradise of the Heffley Creek Valley. Savour friendship and enjoy the freedom of being totally taken care of. We've got your back.

Shed the layers and expand into your own wisdom and wildness with inspirational and playful sessions tapping into the power of science, art, horses as sentient souls and meaningful connection making with fellow soul-sisters.

Return home with renewed vitality, new tools and ways of being to carry wildness, wisdom and freedom into your every day!


“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire."    Sharon Ralls Lemon

This is for you if...

You want to create space for YOU in your life, and to spend summer time with amazing women playing, laughing and growing.

You’re seeking deeper contentment, peace and joy in your life –wild, wise and free.

You feel the energy of horses and are curious to explore what they have to share with you in a safe and deeply supported way.

You're experiencing disconnection, from yourself, other women, or from the magic and wonder of our natural world.

You want to reclaim your childlike spirit of wonder, awe, and magic. (Its waiting for you!)

You are curious about what it takes to thrive in your life and what is getting in the way. You sense that there must be a better way. (psst… you’re right!)

You want to tap into new wisdom and inspiration to find your freedom and grace every day.

You understand that if you want things to be different it’s time to do something different.

You’re ready to feel truly alive, deeply nourished and wildly expanded.


Let's do this!



Your three days and two nights of being totally cared for and nourished with the freedom to play, create, connect and simply BE, will include:

Two nights accommodation in a shared or private gorgeous cabin at the Epona Rise Retreat Centre.

Exclusive use of the Retreat Centre Guest Lodge and 80 acre ranch in the picturesque Heffley Creek Valley.

All delicious means snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy abundant nourishing catered meals, nutritious snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Our hosts, Hilary and the herd of Epona Rise (12 horses on 80 acres).

A rich introduction to the ladies, the land and our 4 legged co-facilitators.

Herd sessions to tap into the essence of connection and relationship (what prey animals have to teach us about being present).

Time atop a horse with Tracy to explore the felt sense of balance, alignment, transition, rhythm and flow. A mind-body-spirit integration like no other.

Creative playshops with Tanis that provide an inviting, playful, experiential opportunity to discover what leading edge science, wisdom traditions and the way of the horse has to teach us about thriving in our lives.

Freedom in nature for hiking, resting by the river, enjoying the silence, or sitting under a tree while savouring the horses in all their majesty.

All supplies and materials plus your creations and a beautiful journal to capture your experience.

An unlimited supply of nature, laughter, love, and really good hugs.

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Simply put, this is a delicious opportunity that will give you time for adventure, connection and exploration.

But it’s not JUST about the weekend itself.

This is not purely escapism (tho that part will be absolutely divine). 

You will leave the weekend fueled with renewed vitality, and inspired with new perspective, experiences, insight, strategies and tools that will support you to navigate your life in a new way.


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After 20 years of obsessively researching what cultivates thriving and what gets in the way, here's what we know for sure:

Play IS the way home. 

Not only does the experience of play cultivate thriving. It shines a powerful light on what's getting in the way.

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For us grown-ups, play: 

reduces stress,

improves brain function,

boosts creativity,

improves relationships,

makes you feel young and energetic,

and so so much more.


View More: http://lindynwilliams.pass.us/20160723_day-of-play

Simply put, PLAY ain't just for kids.

It take us into a part of our brain and selves that allows us to explore and expand in a uniquely transformative way. 

It will bring us the gift of reconnecting with our childlike spirit: wild, wise and free.


horse and womanThe wisdom of the horse,
unites with the essence of our humanity to elicit powerful growth, healing and soul-full experiences. 

The level of deep connection available to us while interacting with horses encourages a fluidity of thought, emotion and behaviors that we often don’t have room for in our ‘normal’ or daily lives.


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By spending time with a herd of horses, we will get to notice their way of being, how they relate, and how they inspire authenticity and innovation. 

In our intimate sessions with the horses, we’ll experience what they have to teach us about balance, timing, agility, power, transitions, boundaries and leadership.


When we respectfully climb on their backs, walk along side or sit quietly in their presence, we bravely allow ourselves the time and space to embody and integrate their innate ability to remain grounded and fully present.

Reconnecting us to ourselves.



Join us for this phenomenal all inclusive experience for only


(payment plan available)

Upgrade to a private room for an additional $300

Space is limited to ONLY 13 lucky gals for this intimate retreat. 

Please contact us to be on the wait list as we are now sold out. 

Just in case you find yourself seeking permission or feeling self-indulgent...

You are not alone if you find it hard to make yourself a priority.

Know this:

 You deserve this.    You belong here.    You'll be so glad you did.



I had so much fun during the event itself but its ongoing impact on my life is what has really impressed me. Tanis – not only are you a huge inspiration, you’ve also shown me how I can be more of an inspiration in my life as well!”


"Tracy and the horses brought me right out of my head and into the present moment. Interacting with those big, magnificent  animals and learning how to read their emotions and behavior - while exploring my own in their presence - was such a magical experience!"

– Erin Whalen

"Tanis has an amazing gift to create a safe and welcoming space to explore and connect with yourself and other women. She gathers incredible energy, peace and wisdom together and shares it passionately. And the women! She is a magnet for other amazing women... just like YOU!"

– Glenys Webster



“I feel more connected to myself than I have in a long time."
– Maggie Lancaster




View More: http://lindynwilliams.pass.us/20160525-tanisframe-whistlerHi- I’m Tanis, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, thriving mom, and your dedicated ally on your journey to a life lived in full colour.

Curating and facilitating experiences is my superpower - bringing together the insights, tools and practices of leading edge science and wisdom traditions, with years of facilitating high performance teams and women's circles - you're in for a fabulous weekend!

I have a gift for reminding you of what you already know to be true. The truths that have been covered up by layers of life happening to us.

When it comes to creating experiences that rock your world in the best possible way… I don’t f@ck around. Oh and I drop the f-bomb on occasion. If you're good with that - we're going to get along just fine.

View More: http://lindynwilliams.pass.us/20160525-tanisframe-whistlerI've spent the last two decades relentlessly curious about what it takes to thrive and what gets in the way. I've been in the trenches with you, immersed in the research, and mentoring women who have successfully made the shift from living on automatic pilot in survival mode, to deeply thriving in their lives.

I'm passionately devoted to supporting you to shift into a playful new way of deeply loving your life.

Whether this will be your first time getting to play with me, or whether you are one of my adored growing tribe who have played and explored with me over the past many years- I will meet you where you are on this journey, and I will give you an experience you will LOVE. I guarantee.

Here's to you and your thriving. Fill your cup my friend. You simply can't support yourself - or your family - if you're drinking from an empty one.


bioHi- I’m Tracy,

I combine a life long fascination with horses, and a well honed knack for bridging the horse-human gap, into deeply engaging opportunities to create powerfully potent connections with self, horses, each other and the natural world.  

It's Connection Coaching like you ain't experienced before!

Once upon a time a tough tenacious cowgirl, I’m now a re-wilder of the feminine spirit.

As we bravely learn to stand steady in life’s storms, I graciously show up as a steadfast social worker for the human heart. Both my human and 4 legged friends say I’ve a healing and intuitive way of tapping into what lies beneath.

Most importantly !? Well, I’ve been lost - my life and family completely off course - totally imbalanced and unknown to myself.  And..... I’ve found my way back home.

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I've traveled a long road recovering from deep wounds, family trauma and personal grief and loss. I've shifted from spinning and surviving to healing and thriving.

I've coached hundreds of children, youth and families over the years to access the powerful learning and healing that's available when we return to the land, immerse ourselves in nature, and interact with horses. I'm deeply invested in supporting you as we explore together, what this personal journey of connecting by way of the horse, looks like.

Maybe this is your first time connecting with me, or possibly we've danced together before, either way I'm about meeting you where you're at and journeying along side.  I'm a space holding, energy healing, interpreter for humans and horses.


So here's to you for showing up for YOURSELF. For exploring outside the box experiences that nurture the inside of your soul.

Here's to you for seeking out a deeper sense of knowing, for putting yourself at the top of your triage list, and for not doing it all alone.

We're in this together!



"Tanis is a woman who walks the talk, and mixes it with a good dose of playfulness and belly laughs!
– Janette Girod


"Tracy is brave, light hearted but deep, good humoured and brutally-lovingly honest. She is a facilitator and a connector of people, quite especially the healing-alternative-and magical variety."

– Amber Stoby




"I would highly recommend working with Tanis if you want to feel empowered, inspired and child like. Tanis' energy is infectious!”

– Sharon Tron


Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 1.47.27 PM

Tracy offers a safe, understanding and supportive place to grow. She makes uncomfortable questions easy to ask and she's gifted in the art of a very honest yet tactful response. She is earthy, strong and truthful. She has a great sense of humour and working with her and the horses I noticed calls a person  to deep listening quite instantly. Her words are careful, thoughtful and simple. I felt safe to let go, I knew she had my best interest at heart."
– Verena Pleger




Tanis is dynamic, inspiring, a true leader and mentor. She faces life with enthusiasm and intelligence, guiding others to express themselves in their true expression! It’s a pleasure to work with, learn from and know her.”
– Marney Coulter, Yoga by the Sea





Welcome to Epona Rise Retreat Center at Tod Mountain Ranch. An 80 acre ranch in the picturesque Heffley Creek Valley, north of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Forty minutes from Kamloops, 4.5 hrs from Vancouver.  The journey here will be a rich part of the weekend.

Along with the beauty of it's acreage, the ranch comes complete with a stunning guest lodge, gorgeous rustic cabin rooms with custom wood furnishings, and a herd of horses that easily add to the magic and experiences at our facility.

horses 2

Hilary Schneider dreamed of one day owning a retreat centre on a beautiful piece of land to share the nurturing power of nature and the wisdom of horses. Everyday she now walks the land she now calls home, connecting with herself and nature, and is reminded of the power that comes from this kind of experience. With the horses as her guide, she is thrilled to extend these experiences to you!

At Epona Rise Retreat Center, Hilary is proud to offer the very unique experience of sharing space with horses at liberty. Her herd of horses are powerful teachers of impact, leadership, and brilliance. They are waiting to meet you!


We will have the ranch all to ourselves for casual gatherings, playshops in the lodge, and nutritious, delicious meals and alfresco dining.

Your rustic cabin (and comfy log bed) will be a delightful oasis for your self or to connect with your roommate. Enjoy quiet time on your own or with new friends in the abundant lounge chairs around the ranch, savouring the horses in the pasture, or chilling on a rock by the river.

We, Tanis and Tracy, will also be available to chat, enjoy our meals together, or shoot a game of pool.



 The entire three days - from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave - has been mindfully curated with your pure enjoyment and most beneficial experience in mind.

Everything we have collectively learned from years of research, training, experience and this journey called life as a woman, is artfully woven into the finest details of our time together.

It is all taken care of for you.

And rest assured, that there is plenty of free time available for you to enjoy as you wish.


We will gather for the first time on Friday afternoon at 4pm, get to know one another and share our first meal together.

Friday evening we will be introduced to the ranch and the herd by our host Hilary Schneider and have time to linger with the horses or enjoy settling into the ranch and our cabins.

Saturday and Sunday mornings will provide options to get your day off to a nourishing start before we move into morning, afternoon and evening playshops or sessions with the horses, either with the herd or for mounted play. Sometimes we'll gather as a full group and sometimes in smaller intimate circles. You will also have abundant free time to enjoy your experience as you wish.

The retreat will wrap up on Sunday afternoon at 2pm, after lunch and our closing circle, giving you plenty of time to travel home, or to linger and enjoy the ranch for a few more hours.

Your heart, mind and soul will be delighted by innovative and inspiring PLAYshops.

Each PLAYshop will be:

  • an inviting, playful, experiential opportunity to discover what leading edge science, wisdom traditions, our bodies, the horses, and our own intuition has to teach us about thriving deeply in our lives
  • filled with laughter and perhaps a few well earned tears, ah-has, connection, exploration, and a whole lot of fun
  • focused on the unique challenges faced by women
  • loaded with powerful practical insight and tools to carry into your life
  • designed for everyone from the professional artist to creatively challenged!

Please know that our super powers lie in creating space for you to explore and grow in a totally safe, powerful and playful way.




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karenTanis did a fabulous job of breaking the ice and making us more comfortable. I think perhaps we were all surprised a little by how natural and intimate the feeling became, very supportive and frank. It was lovely, refreshing, and inspiring, a reflection of Tanis’ energy, and her integrity.“
– Karen Valair

Your heart, mind and soul will be nourished by intimate sessions with the horses.

In our horse sessions we will:

  • connect with the herd, interacting in small intimate groups
  • connect 1-1 with a horse, inquiring as to the wisdom, lessons they have for us
  • climb on top (as you wish), gently integrating the wisdom sought on the ground, into our bodies
  • move freely atop a horse, exploring sensation, rhythm, alignment, strength and self-efficacy


We will not:

  • be riding horses out on trails
  • have ‘traditional’ riding lessons in a ring
  • be required to have any horse experience to participate in any equine offering



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tanis-2463-square Pretty darn good right?

If you're still unsure and asking WHY you might want to play along...

Our answer to you is this:

Because it's time.

And the horses are calling...

You deserve to shine - Let's do this!


Join us for this phenomenal all inclusive experience for only


(payment plan available)

Upgrade to a private room for an additional $300

Space is limited for this intimate retreat. 

Contact us to be on the wait list as we are now sold out.



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