Evening of Visions PLAYshop

you ain't NEVER vision boarded like this before!

Create a life you love with the science and art of vision boarding.


Join me for a delicious evening of fun, freedom and connection with awesome women just like you.


Explore the science behind vision boarding and be nurtured as you play with a unique twist on this creative process.


Unveil what makes your heart sing, and unleash your deepest desires.

cday vairdy


Leave nourished with your own powerful vision board in hand and some playful insight into making your dreams soar!


PLUS After the PLAYshop you will receive a VISIONS TOOLKIT including follow up email support and PLAYsheets to make sure your vision finds traction in your day-to-day. 



You will enjoy an evening designed just for you, with the sole purpose of filling your cup and connecting you with your own vision of a life that you deeply love
No preparation necessary, just show up ready to have fun and be nourished! 
The relaxed evening will begin with an introductory discussion on the science of traditional vision boarding and the various lines of evidence supporting their effectiveness as tools for change. 
You will then be introduced to this unique twist on vision boarding that gets us out of our heads and more connected with our hearts and souls... you know, where all the really good stuff lies. 
You will be guided and supported, throughout the evening and provided with everything you need- be it wisdom, supplies, snacks or a refill on your cup of tea. 
Know that your process can be as serious or playful as you choose, and as shared or as private as you desire.  Remember, it's all about YOU!
After the PLAYshop you will also receive your VISIONS TOOLKIT with additional insights, resources, activities and more to help you to make the most out of your new vision board. 


cindy kelly

Upcoming PLAYshops...


Sunshine Coast

Friday January 4th 6-9pm

Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek




Sunday February 10th 3-6pm

Yoga on 7th, @Main & Broadway



Who wants to play?


Just $67

(all supplies, refreshments, plus take home TOOLKIT included)


Private PLAYshops...

Gather a group and I'll come to you!

We've playshoped and visioned in living-rooms, boardrooms, and at camps and conferences.

Contact me and let's make it happen.

cindy kelly



Tanis is a soul carer. My vision board is in my room and I look at it every day. I would 100% recommend her PLAYshops.”

– Mag Leahy


“Years ago I would cringe at the thought of this old cut and paste kind of night but I've grown to LOVE them! Each time I've unveiled insights and visions for the year ahead that I simply wasn't aware of and one year, my vision board was so fortuitous it was almost creepy.  It's fun and nourishing and will give you the chance to explore the year ahead and anchor yourself in the experience you want to create this year.

– Leah Goard

karenTanis did a fabulous job of breaking the ice and making us more comfortable at the beginning of the evening. I think perhaps we were all surprised a little by how natural and intimate the feeling became as the night progressed, very supportive and frank. It was lovely, refreshing, and inspiring, a reflection of Tanis’ energy, and her integrity.“
– Karen Valair

erinI just wanted to say thank you. I had so much fun during the PLAYshop itself but its ongoing impact on my life is what has really impressed me.

Since then I have had some fairly major stuff come up and I've been able to release a lot of negative energy that I've held onto for decades. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that last week I was able to get over a phobia I’ve clung to for 32 years! 

Thanks so much again, Tanis – not only are you a huge inspiration, you’ve also shown me how I can be more of an inspiration in my life as well!

– Erin Whalen

sharonI came away from the PLAYshop feeling inspired uplifted and ready embody my vision for the year ahead with crystal clear interiors.

The whole evening was FUN, peace filled and grounding.

Working with Tanis helps me to embrace my creativity with ease and self-love. I would highly recommend working with Tanis if you want to feel empowered, inspired and child like. Tanis's energy is infectious!”
– Sharon Tron

sarahMy "self" is lightened and brightened by Tanis and her labour of love.  She walks her talk and I have felt buoyed and empowered to walk my talk thanks to her. The impact of Tanis' work doesn't end with me....That evening at the PLAYshop, a card fell off of Tanis' table. When I picked it up, magic happened. It read "you are enough, you are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are". This is Tanis' essence. And it was the greatest message I could read to my daughter that night.  That card will always stay on my fridge and I will always thank Tanis for inspiring me to take the time to figure out my talk and for helping me discover the tools to walk it.
– Sarah Desbiens

Before coming I wondered if it was poor timing with everything currently going on with my work schedule, but after attending I realized it was actually the perfect timing

The board is living on my desk at home. It has revealed that I crave the simple pleasures and a slower pace. I would recommend this to any friend!”
– Iva Kulic

It was such a fun evening, thanks so much.”
– Sarah Cormack

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