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It's time for you to shine! 


Are you ready to stop living on automatic pilot and instead create the life you truly yearn for?

Are you ready to cultivate mastery in how you navigate your life, responding with powerful agency, rather than react on autopilot?

Are you not only ready to thrive in your life (whatever that uniquely looks like for you)  but also ready to do it supported by a community of curious, courageous and kick-ass women, inspired by science and soul?

Are you ready to reclaim a spirit of childlike joy while you have the powerful impact in the world you yearn for (be that in your movement, business, family, or community)?

Join us. 

The first step to making that vision a reality is understanding that thriving is a courageous choice - one we make a thousand times a day - and it starts by giving yourself permission and deciding to do things differently!

Join me and a small group of inspired, like-spirited women for Deciding to Thrive and make 2017 your year to shine!

A transformational 4-month live online journey

plus 6 months of follow-up support

It’s time to start playing by a different set of rules. Let's get you the traction you need to shine. 

Because the world has never needed your light more.



This is for you if...

You’re seeking deeper meaning, alignment, contentment and freedom in your day.

Clarity, playfulness and peace. Bring it on.

You are curious - about what it takes to thrive in your life and what is getting in the way.

You sense that there must be a better way. (psst… you’re right!)

You’re ready to feel truly alive and to play again.

You’re aware and tired of how your day-to-day life isn’t aligning with how you truly want to feel.

You know that if you want things to be different, it's time to do something different.

Whether it’s refining with subtle yet powerful shifts or cultivating the courage to make major changes.

You're ready to step into the drivers seat and claim agency in your life.  Your life has meaning beyond the daily grind and you're ready to find the ease of leaning into what's real.

You're done with doing it all yourself.  You're ready to come together - fully supported by an inspired and authentic group of women who know we are in this together. You're ready for that kind of gold in your life.

You like to have fun and evolve.

Growth doesn’t always have to be painful, full of struggle and seriousness. I believe that play is the way home and that having fun is our sacred responsibility. Here, we do the depth and the evolution AND we have a ridiculously fun time while we’re at it.

Are you in? Let's do this! 

Choosing to thrive is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun!


Tofino -  2011 057 tanisframe4_665-squareflip flops

In this program you will...

Discover that thriving is both an INSIDE JOB (your way of being), and an OUTSIDE JOB (your way of doing).

Understand why both of these are critical to transforming the way you experience your life with more ease, joy and freedom.

Learn a new set of rules to live by: the Decide to Thrive Playground Rules.

Build your own mastery of living YOUR thriving life.

Integrate research-based tools, insights and the consistent ongoing support that will radically transform the way you feel on the inside and the way you navigate your life on the outside every day:

  • Gain clarity on what you truly want and how to create it.
  • Develop the capacity to create time in your life to do what matters most.
  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others with ease.
  • Leverage curiosity over judgment to uncover where you’ve gotten stuck, and then turn that insight into tools and practices to dance through life in a completely new way.
  • Integrate creativity and play to find your way home to you.
  • Cultivate radical self care and devotion to your desires and discover how this will add massively to your capacity every day.
  • Let go of the relentless pursuit of being and doing enough by replacing scarcity with synergy and nurturing an empowered sense of self and flow in life.
  • Transform your self talk and build a healthy and productive relationship with yourself, one that nourishes and empowers.
  • Move out of struggle and conflict into ease and inspired agency in your life. 

Thriving is a journey and it’s all about building your capacity to choose what you truly want every moment of your day.

You have it in you, just waiting to be uncovered.



These sessions create their own spaciousness and depth that you didn’t realize you’ve been starving for.”   – Janette Girod



 “As a mom, as a woman, as an individual, if you have forgotten your voice, wonder where your creative force is, need some guidance to find and let yourself shine – these sessions can help you figure out what matters to you, what you know to be true and how to find your strength, your light."  -  Sandy Lavigne



 “I'm coming back to do Deciding to Thrive again, I am looking forward to learning more and taking things to a deeper level. I got so much out of last year.

My biggest shift was to break away from my survival story and begin believing that I can thrive and have the life I really want. Your tools are simple, and so very powerful!" -  Lorraine Caple



How does all that sound?

tanis-2463-squarePretty darn good right?

If you’re still unsure and asking WHY you might want to play along?

 My answer to you is this:

 Because it’s time.

You’ve proven you can survive, now it’s time to thrive.

I see the brilliance and magic in you.

Even if you feel like you can't see your light anymore, or you're frustrated with it not shining the way you know it can.

I see you and am devoted to getting you living your thriving life.  Not just talking or thinking about it. 


Deciding to Thrive gives you research based insights, tools and personal support.  

Lay a powerful foundation with 8 playshops focusing on learning and integrating the playground rules of deciding to thrive in your life.

Lean into an additional 6 months of support to practice and deeply integrate a new way of being in your world.  

I've got your back, and your co-conspirators too.  With allies like this, it's easy to get back up when we stumble and to be buoyed up by the community and camaraderie. 

There is no way to follow and participate in this program without creating powerful shifts in your life.


8 Live Interactive Online PLAYshops  

Dive deep into the core foundational framework of deciding to thrive in our lives. The Decide to Thrive Playground Rules. Tried. Tested. True.

Our playshops are live and interactive. We'll uncover insights, play with research based concepts, and create personalized tools to put into action straight away.

Science and soul are integrated every step of the way. Research based structure, format, content, activities and tools. The evidence is on your side.

The playshops are the core learning of Deciding to Thrive and take place in February, March, April, and May. Exact dates and times below.

10 Live Online Interactive Jam Sessions

Monthly Jam Sessions give us extra time to riff and explore the concepts and tools further.

Together, we practice putting our new toolbox into action in our lives through questions, answers and activities all based in real life experiences. Theory is one thing, getting support as you integrate these new ways of being into your life is what creates real change. Getting to share and learn from each others real life experience is priceless.

Jam Sessions are scheduled at a different time of day than the Playshops to give everyone a chance to connect live regardless of timezone.

You will enjoy monthly themes and home-play assignments. These are always easy, playful and impactful (because impact is why we're here).


Ongoing Support and Connection

In our Private Facebook Group you will connect, share, ask questions, and be supported. Its super awesome using the power of Facebook for so much loving good!

Community is the magic sauce when it comes to thriving, and the research agrees. And by the way, diversity is one of the things that makes the Decide to Thrive tribe so phenomenal, so in case you were wondering: You belong here.

Optional ACCOUNTABILITY PARTER:  where you can touch base weekly for added connection, support and accountability  (this is optional and will begin in March).

Access to me personally throughout the program through our private facebook group and office hours. The women in this circle are my top priority for the year.  You will also have the option to add on private 1 to 1 mentoring calls. Giving you everything you need to thrive makes my heart sing.


PLUS by being part of Deciding to Thrive online 2017 you will also receive:

Priority access to one-on-one mentoring with Tanis

Priority access to all Decide to Thrive live events in 2017

They sell out so you'll always get first dibs. We've got live playshops, Day of Play and an awesome 3 day retreat in the works.

PLUS these bonuses:

  • A customized DECIDING TO THRIVE ART JOURNAL for use during the program 
  • A beautiful printed 8x10 copy of the Decide to Thrive PLAYGROUND RULES



The journey to thriving starts the moment you say YES!

onlineThis is a live virtual program so you will participate from the comfort of your home, office, or coffee shop!

All you need is your computer, tablet or phone, a few basic supplies and an open mind… and that last one we can work on together if need be. You’ll
receive everything else you need to make sure 2017 is your year to shine!

In early February you will receive your pre-program explore questionnaire to get started and help me to serve your better. We will gather and get to know each other in our Private Facebook Group.


This is our first chance to gather live and will be recored (like all program sessions) if you can't make it.

The 8 Live Interactive PLAYSHOPS will take place every other THURSDAY 12-1pm Pacific Time on the following dates:

  • February 16th
  • March 2nd
  • March 16th
  • March 30th
  • April 13th
  • April 27th
  • May 11th, and
  • May 25th

During the playshops we will lay our foundation and build our thriving life toolbox.

The 10 Live interactive JAM SESSIONS will take place monthly throughout the program (February thru November)  where we will explore questions, answers, activities and practice putting our new ideas and tools into action in our lives. These session will give us extra time to riff and explore the concepts and tools further .

The JAM SESSIONS will be scheduled at a different time and day than the PLAYSHOPS to give everyone a chance to connect live.

JAM SESSION schedule will be decided by the participants in the program based on timezones (we are a global community) and will take place during the first or second week each month. 

During each PLAYSHOP and JAM SESSION you will connect with me and your new community of like-spirited women. This live realtime ongoing support will ensure this won't be another course you sign up for without turning the insights into real action in your life.

Because action is where you get traction. And we're all about traction! (no more living on the hamster wheel gals- we're getting traction!)


If you are unable to make one or all of the sessions live, you can easily join in when your schedule allows and enjoy the support of the
private FB group where we can connect, explore questions, and share the journey together.

Plus, you will have access to all program content for one full year. 


TanisblogThroughout 2017  you will have direct access to me and an amazing community of women to support and inspire you on this journey: We'll connect live through the online PLAYSHOPS, JAM SESSIONS, and our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP.

We have the technology to gather as a whole group online and to break out into small groups during our JAM SESSIONS (how cool is that?)

You also have the option to have an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER for added support, accountability and camaraderie.

The research is solid - your ability to thrive in your life, to make the shifts in habits, mindsets and more are all improved when supported by a community that has your back.  This is why it's so deeply woven into our program.

View More: is up to you how engaged in the group you become. It is an opportunity to share your journey including homePLAY assignments, insights, and challenges along the way. Even as an observer in the group you'll discover that this journey gets so much easier when we find our tribe, and remember that we’re in this together.
I'm humbled every time a group of women gather for a Decide to Thrive program or event: it's magic every time.

Awesome, real, dynamic women who are curious about thriving deeply in life- just like you.

I'll say it again: the greatest strength of every Deciding to Thrive cohort is our diversity:  You belong here.



“Tanis has an amazing gift to create a safe and welcoming space to explore and connect with yourself and other women. She gathers incredible energy, peace and wisdom together and shares it passionately. And the women! She is a magnet for other amazing women… just like YOU!” 

- Glenys Webster

You deserve to shine – let’s do this!

View More:


You're going to need to give up living a life of struggle and overwhelm.  And you'll need to invest a little time and a little bit of cash in YOU.  

Give yourself permission to tap into insight, tools, and a supportive community to THRIVE in 2017.


Receive a beautiful printed 8x10 copy of the Decide to Thrive PLAYGROUND RULES and your customized Deciding to Thrive ART JOURNAL for use during the program! 

By the way, if you struggle with giving yourself permission to take care of YOU... rest assured that's one of the very first things we'll be working on together. But, you have to do this part yourself. Take the leap, and join us, you will thank yourself - and the world will be a better place with you really in it.

Just in case you find yourself seeking permission or feeling self-indulgent... 

You are not alone if you find it hard to make yourself a priority.

Know this:

You deserve this.   You belong here.   You'll be so glad you did. 



Wherever you are on your journey this session can touch you, delight you, and challenge you. If you are interested and curious about your place in the world, jump in.”

– Joanne Spalton


 “I feel so at peace. Working with Tanis has made my life easier, better, more inspired and enlightened. These sessions have brought me to another level of consciousness. Tanis has a true gift in asking the essential questions for women to reflect and grow. Rather than advice-giving, she asks the questions that guide us to the answers that feel right within ourselves. She helped me look at myself and reflect to be a better, more connected version of me. She is a gentle supportive life guide, and a wise old soul!”

  – Nancy Perrier



I feel more connected to myself than I have in a long time."  

- Maggie Lancaster


is HOW you will learn...

We often learn with our heads. And yes, our brains are powerful beyond measure.

The missing link is your ability to put that powerful head to work in service of your heart. That is what we do differently.

The learning we share is carefully curated and designed to get not only into your heart and head but fully into your bones through interactive, creative and powerful exercises… which also happen to be fun!

Here’s the thing: Action is where we get traction.

Gaining insights is one thing, but being supported to actually experience the insight in action is where true growth and transformation take place.

Each and every PLAYSHOP or JAM SESSION will be about action and integration.

This is not about listening to a bunch of material then being left to your own devices to apply it in your life.

NO - we're doing this together. Every PLAYSHOP will be actively working through ideas, uncovering your truths, gems and superpowers, and then building your own customized tools that you'll be integrating every day.

From day one of this experience you'll feel the shifts and momentum building in your life. This is how true transformation takes place.

Sorry, there is no instant quick fixes when it comes to living a deeply aligned and thriving life of freedom, joy and meaning. It takes practice and evolution, and we're in this together for the year because that's what's going to create real lasting change for you.

Creating these experiences is my super power – bringing together the insights, tools and practices of leading edge neuroscience, biology, applied positive psychology, and wisdom traditions – with years of experience facilitating both high performance teams and women’s circles. Everything about this program has been artfully curated and designed to get you thriving... yes this means you’re in for a fabulous journey.

You won’t be doing this on your own. Community and connection are essential to our evolution and growth as human beings. So much powerful learning takes place through the exchanges and sharing of our stories. Deciding to Thrive is not a solo journey. We truly are in this together. This is also why the group is limited to only 40 women - we will know, we will support, we will inspire and we will rise together.

sparkler-girl-lightened-hrI created this program because it’s exactly what I wished I’d had years ago and would have saved me so much struggle along the way. I’m offering it to you now, because you deserve it, AND it’s a ridiculous amount of fun and I can’t wait to start!


This is the very best of what I have to offer and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Here's what you need to know about me...

View More:
Hi, I’m Tanis, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, entrepreneur, wife, mom, and your dedicated ally on your journey to a life lived in full colour.

I’m deeply inspired about what I do.

When it comes to creating experiences that rock your world in the best possible way… I don’t fuck around. Neither you nor I have the time to waste on something half baked.

Oh and I drop the f-bomb on occasion. If you’re good with all that – we’re going to get along just fine.


I have spent the last two decades relentlessly curious about what it takes to thrive and what gets in the way. I bring a uniquely broad basis to that research- from human biology, environmental health, applied positive psychology, wisdom traditions, and from simply being in the trenches with you and mentoring women who have successfully made the shift from living on automatic pilot to deeply thriving in their lives.


TF 2668 sqWhether this will be your first time getting to play with me, or whether you are one of my adored growing tribe who have played and explored with me over the past many years- I will meet you where you are on this journey, and I will give you an experience you will LOVE. I guarantee it.

The research is sound. If you participate fully in this program - you will see huge results. Period.

I’m passionately devoted to supporting you to shift into a new way of being where you deeply love your life.

The bottom line is women like you choose to work with me because they get results. And they (thankfully!!) keep coming back because we have so much fun in the process.

 Please join us!

And please don't hesitate as spaces are limited.

Your tribe is waiting with open arms.



Tanis leads a group with humour, patience, tact and a great deal of compassion. Above all she’s a spectacular listener, and with that unlocks the potential for huge growth.”
– Hilary Walle-Jensen



Feeling grateful for the time shared together. We’re so different from one another, but unified in our desire to face life with courage, connection and compassion. Thank you Tanis for bringing not only your insights and leadership, but you put your heart and soul into making this a special and memorable time for all of us.”
– Sumarme Goble

Here's what I need to know about YOU...

Are you IN or are you OUT?

This doesn’t require excessive time or energy – just the commitment to show up, be open, and to put your learning into action. You will build muscles you don’t even know you have, and discover a new way of being.

Are you ready to build your capacity to thrive? 

If you're getting a clear NO. Great. Clarity is powerful -follow it.

If you're getting a "this would be awesome BUT..."

then I challenge you to leap.

If you are IN… I’m in 200% with you on this journey.

I've got your back - Let’s do this!

Receive a customized DECIDING TO THRIVE ART JOURNAL for use during the program

AND a beautiful printed 8x10 copy of the Decide to Thrive PLAYGROUND RULES!


Registration is closed for 2017 but we'd love to have you join us next year!



Thank you Tanis! So completely worthwhile no matter where you are in your journey to becoming the person you want to be, and living a life filled with joy. Practical, fun, and filled with light and learning.”

– Cindy Hubbard


 "Do It!  I have been amazed at how much has shifted by my change in perspective, change in attitude. This was a great experience to focus on myself and help me notice things in my life that weren’t working- not in a ‘wow my life is screwed up’ kind of way, but in a ‘cool there are some really effective tools to get me into a powerful, thriving place’. I know I can only carry this through the rest of my life."  

--  Katie Wilson



Q: I can’t make sessions live, should I still sign up?

The entire series is recorded, so if you aren’t able to make it live then you can make your way through the program on your own while staying engaged and connected through the private Facebook Group.  So, YES!

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! You can choose to pay in full or split the payment in two monthly installments. Easy peasy.

Q: What supplies will I need?

Besides your computer to connect to the playshops, you will need a blank journal and some coloured pens/markers/pencils. All the details will be sent to you by email after your register. AND if you register now, you'll receive a free art journal that I will send to you in the mail - score!

Q: When will I receive the final schedule of program events?

You will receive exact dates for the PLAYSHOPS upon registration to enter in your calendar. They are all on Thursdays 12-1pm pacific time in February - May. (exact dates are also listed above)

The Jam Sessions dates and times will be set based on survey responses of participants registered before January 28th. We will set dates and times that will allow maximum participation.

All sessions will be recorded if you can't join live.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email


Fill your cup, my friends. You simply can’t support yourself –
or your family – if you’re drinking from an empty one.

An invitation into your inbox is a great honour.
Radically transform the way you live
with INSIGHTS, WISDOM, and RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE TOOLS straight to your inbox with love.