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Who is Tanis?



Tanis is dynamic, inspiring, a true leader and mentor. She faces life with enthusiasm and intelligence, guiding others to express themselves in their true expression! It’s a pleasure to work with, learn from and know her.”
– Marney Coulter, Yoga by the Sea

NancyTanis asks the important questions in life.  She is inspiring and loving and REAL! She leads us to explore this idea of embodiment and creating space for healthy dialogue with ourselves and others.  She is so conscious and in tune with 'this work'.  I love the way she responds and how it's not about advice-giving, but asking the right questions to guide us to the answers that feel right within ourselves."
– Nancy Perrier



Tanis is a powerhouse - an energetic, knowledgeable and clear-thinking researcher, as well as a friendly, caring and experienced mom. If you're looking for honest and informed opinions or advice on going green or thriving in your family – Tanis is it!”
– Glenys Webster



Tanis is always inspiring and brings a great deal of commitment to her work. She leads a group with humour, patience, tact and a great deal of compassion. Above all she’s a spectacular listener, and with that unlocks the potential for huge growth.”
– Hilary Walle-Jensen

Raves about Tanis’ Offerings (PLAYshops, Retreats, Programs) …



“The MAMAsessions creates its own spaciousness and depth that you didn’t realize you’ve been starving for.”
– Janette Girod



“Practical, fun, and filled with light and learning. Thank you Tanis! So completely worthwhile no matter where you are in your journey to becoming the person you want to be, and living a life filled with joy.“
– Cindy Hubbard



“Wherever you are on your journey this session can touch you, delight you, and challenge you. If you are interested and curious about your place in the world, jump in.”
– Joanne Spalton

sharon“I came away from the PLAYshop feeling inspired uplifted and ready embody my vision for 2014 with crystal clear interiors. The whole evening was surprisingly FUN, peace filled and grounding. Working with Tanis helps me to embrace my creativity with ease and self love. I would highly recommend working with Tanis if you want to feel empowered, inspired and child like. Tanis's energy is infectious!”
– Sharon Tron



“I feel more connected to myself than I have in a long time. I am worth the work. I have, through these sessions, found the resolve to commit to supporting myself so I can thrive, and therefore, better support others. Patience, curiosity, and the mantra that “I am enough” will take me down this path."
– Maggie Lancaster

erin“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Evening of Visions PLAYshop you hosted a few weeks ago. I had so much fun during the event itself but its ongoing impact on my life is what has really impressed me.

I've been able to release a lot of negative energy that I've held onto for decades.  And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that last week I was able to get over a phobia I’ve clung to for 32 years! Suddenly I'm wondering what other things I've been telling myself I can't do that are in fact entirely within my reach...

Thanks so much again, Tanis – not only are you a huge inspiration, you’ve also shown me how I can be more of an inspiration in my life as well!”
– Erin Whalen

Raves about having Tanis speak...


"Tanis has a wealth of wisdom every woman should hear and a powerful ability to engage and move an audience. What struck me most was how she made every single attendee feel:  not just connected to her, but deeply connected to themselves. Her stories have such impact; you can feel it physically hit you in your gut. Not just the loud rumblings of a belly laugh because she is incredibly funny, but also the soft whispers of inspiration and the rousing voice of empowerment."
– Elena Verlee, Cross Border Communications, PR in Your Pajamas

Leah GoardTanis doesn’t just speak to audiences – she transforms people through powerful insights and engaging stories that inspire true change, and educates with cutting edge information and methods. I specifically sought out Tanis to speak at my Soul + Strategy Retreat because of her dynamic energy, her incredible sense of humour, and her ability to deeply connect and convey what it takes to truly thrive. I can guarantee you want her presence at your next event!”
– Leah Goard, Define, Design, Align Your Business & Life

Thanks again for speaking to our parent group last month, they are still a buzz, and it's been a very supportive atmosphere within which we are still taking baby steps to green our space.”
– Patricia Sauer

Tanis drew us in with her profound energy, passion and knowledge for this topic! I invited Tanis to present in my Advanced Health Safety and Nutrition class about reducing toxins in a childcare setting. She not only pointed out the harm that chemicals can do to a child's system, but more importantly, made us realize that simple and inexpensive strategies can make a huge difference to a child's overall health. Something every Early Childhood Educator should be educated about! Thank you Tanis for your engaging presentation, it made a big impact on our practice.”
– Maggie Rudkowski, Vancouver Community College

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