Hyjacking Advent or strategic multi-tasking? You tell me.


Am I the only mom around here who totally hijacks the whole advent calendar thing for her own selfish motives?

In our home, my girls have these little pockets for advent that we   – strike that –   ‘the Christmas Fairies’   tuck little treats or notes into.  Sometimes it’s a lip balm, sometimes its a note for an activity….


There was a bowl of ‘past-their-prime’ apples that needed to be dealt with, and I love me a good apple crisp 😉

So the Christmas Fairies suggested the girls make a crisp. How convenient!

The girls loved making it and we all loved eating it too… so I’m not all bad right?!?

I’m actually a BIG fan of this kind of multi-tasking:

which is actually more about multi-purposing in one task, than it is about multi-tasking.

We do enough of that other kind of multi-tasking (too much in my humble opinion).

Juggle less, tick off more of what really matters for you. Even if that’s as simple as an apple crisp made for you by your children… because the Christmas Fairies said so!

Love me those Chiristmas Fairies… they bring all sorts of magic into our home.  😉

How do you celebrate advent in your home?

How could you bring strategic multi-purposing into your life? (not necessarily advent related at all!)


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2 comments on “Hyjacking Advent or strategic multi-tasking? You tell me.

    1. Thanks Sue! It’s all about simplicity and doing the things that truly nourish us… and yeah, I’d say both making that crisp together and eating it would qualify. 🙂

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