What do hot tubs, ridiculous rainbows, and giggling girls have in common?

I’m just gonna riff on hot tubs, ridiculous rainbows, naked giggling girls, aligned entrepreneurship and a cherished inspiring friend hooking me up with a wicked new tool for thriving…stay with me if that sounds interesting…

I spend a good deal of time and energy exploring the gap between who I am and who I have it in me to be. Being deeply aligned and deliciously content are a big part of that. And it’s my mission to support women on that same exploration.

Which all feels healthy.


I’ve noticed I’m not spending the same energy noticing and celebrating who I AM being and what I AM doing to be deeply aligned in my life… and the signs all around me that say “Hey Tanis, you’re moving right along on track girl – Shaka!”

Scene change.

There’s a chill in the air. Me and my awesome hubby in the hot tub after a day of family fun in and around our new wee cabin home in the woods of Whistler, BC.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of the insights from a two day work retreat that were simmering inside. I’d just split the weekend between family, friends and this fabulous retreat with inspired impact driven women entrepreneurs exploring what I would call aligned entrepreneurship.

Cue stunning rainbow, like ridiculously cool rainbow… WOW. (jaw dropps slightly in genuine disbelief)

A quiet moment is shared between spouses soaking up the magic of their new home that serves up such wonder and delight.  Peaceful bubble is burst by the giggling scurry of two young girls in their birthday suits (their kids) high tailing their way across the cold wet deck and into the tub.

Hmmmm…. savour (because family life doesn’t always look like this)

Hmmm…. within the chaos of family life we’ve made some aligned choices.

Hmmm …. the universe is conspiring in our favour.

Hmmmmm…. EVIDENCE.

img_2653SO, I’m adding something new to my evening gratitude practice… It’s called EVIDENCE.

Of course the scientist in me loves that. 😉

Inspired by a conversation with my cherished and wise friend Wendy Weir of Libre Tea fame…

Each night before I head off to dreamland I’m documenting the evidence of the day: what showed up that proves I am moving forward on my path, that I am living my life in alignment.

I will continue to learn and grow and strive. Life will happen and there will be rough stuff along the way.

AND I’m going to really lean into the evidence for celebration too.

Thoughts? Does this resonate with you? Would you like to join me?  Please, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

Big Love to you, and may we regroup here soon and celebrate our evidence!


ps. It was a very conscious choice to not get out of the tub to grab my phone to get a pic of that rainbow, because to be honest my first impulse was to capture it for y’all…. nope that image will just live in my spectacular imagination. Hmmmm, more evidence.

pps. hang out with friends who live inspiring lives – and ask them what their daily rituals are… you never know what powerful nuggets you’ll discover.  I’m surrounding myself with these people and we’re having these conversations… more evidence.

We’re in this together people, we are SO in this together.



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