Flying with kids? Hope plus Top Tips


Let this be a beacon of hope for all you parents out there traveling with young kids…

One day soon, before you know it, you’ll actually be able to travel with your kids and relax and read a good book… honestly!!

Hang in there – you can do it!! 😉

I’ve done a lot of traveling with my girls, sometimes with my hubby but often on our own. They’ve gotten easier and easier every year. (thank goodness!)

Here are a few tips from my years navigating the airways…

1. Always pack a change of clothes for everyone in your carry-on (especially when they’re in those early puke or explosive diarrhea years). More than once I’ve been pretty grateful for a fresh shirt. 😉

2. Snacks are king!

3. And if your littles are the right age… audiobooks are the greatest invention known to mankind! In my world right now they are PRICELESS!

4. Finally, ask for and accept help from strangers. Ignore the grumps, if they don’t have compassion for a mama flying with kids, that’s not your problem. Look for the helpers – there are LOADS of them around ready and willing to give you an extra set of hands or to make faces at or tell stories to your wee ones.

What are your tips for fellow mama’s navigating the airways??
Please share them below in the comments… We’re in this together!


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