Your Answers – Deciding to Thrive

I’m reaching out to have a real open discussion about the DECIDE to THRIVE IMMERSION – which starts next week.   Please give me a few moments of your time, because this could possibly be a hugely impactful decision in your life. And the time is now to make a decision. Registration closes Friday at midnight. I … Read more Your Answers – Deciding to Thrive

Playing with paint

I was playing with paint today. Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t really painted since I was a kid. You know, because I wasn’t ‘good’ at it. Or maybe because as grown ups we’re either ‘painters’ or ‘not painters’, ‘artistic’ or ‘not artistic’. And somewhere along the way I had decided I was … Read more Playing with paint

Welcoming the New Year

I had the great privilege to make a dear friend’s spontaneous wish come true.  She decided on Dec 31st that she would love to start the new year off with great girlfriends and a hike up the local Soames Hill to watch the sunrise.  So I thought about it for a minute… that’s some early … Read more Welcoming the New Year