Be the plant!

This is one of my favorite metaphors when it comes to our thriving journey.   Think of yourself as a plant. Simple stuff. When it comes to creating and cultivating your ecosystem – the life you build around yourself – think about building an ecosystem like the one that would be around a thriving plant. What happens … Read more Be the plant!

Playing with paint

I was playing with paint today. Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t really painted since I was a kid. You know, because I wasn’t ‘good’ at it. Or maybe because as grown ups we’re either ‘painters’ or ‘not painters’, ‘artistic’ or ‘not artistic’. And somewhere along the way I had decided I was … Read more Playing with paint

When it sucks…LARGE.

My day today had some great highs and one big bad low. Life is going to keep throwing stuff our way… and there’s nothing you nor I can do to eliminate being thrown curveballs or feeling like the floor drops out from under your heart every now and then. However – we do get to choose how … Read more When it sucks…LARGE.

Welcoming the New Year

I had the great privilege to make a dear friend’s spontaneous wish come true.  She decided on Dec 31st that she would love to start the new year off with great girlfriends and a hike up the local Soames Hill to watch the sunrise.  So I thought about it for a minute… that’s some early … Read more Welcoming the New Year