Thriving is a courageous choice -
one we make a thousand times a day.

Let go of the life that's relentlessly happening TO you –
and CREATE the life you yearn for.

Join the DECIDE to THRIVE REVOLUTION and together,
with this rising community of women,
claim the freedom, joy, and ease that you deserve.

When we DECIDE to THRIVE we play by a different set of rules.
Get the insight, playground rules, and ridiculously simple tools to radically transform your life.


Are you DONE with living life on the hamster wheel in automatic pilot?

Let's stop spending our days feverishly ticking off the items on our to-do lists with no time or energy left to truly be who we're meant to be in the world!


There is a revolution happening…

What if there is a better way? One that starts with discovering
a new set of rules to live by...

Let's tune into what YOU really want and let's create the life sets your soul on fire.

 The time is NOW.






Join the conversation and let's do this!

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Hi, I’m Tanis- Come Play with Me

A science-maven, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, and mom,
I’ve spent the last 15 years obsessed with what cultivates thriving and
what gets in the way - from toxic chemicals messing with our health and
peace, to toxic thoughts or habits that simply no longer serve us.

I’ve gained INSIGHTS and WISDOM from leading edge science, ancient
and modern wisdom traditions, and everyday real thriving humans- people just like you and I who have it figured out.

I have created RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE TOOLS that radically transform the way  YOU LIVE….because you deserve to thrive… DEEPLY.


We're in this together – LET'S DO THIS

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"This is a woman who walks the talk, and mixes it with a good dose of playfulness and belly laughs! Tanis brings a refreshing lightness to working with hard truths, and a sense of adventure to exploring the further corners of our nature.”

– Janette Girod

elena2"Tanis has a wealth of wisdom everyone should hear and a powerful ability to engage and move an audience. What struck me most was how she made every single attendee feel:  not just connected to her, but deeply connected to themselves. Her stories have such impact; you can feel it physically hit you in your gut. Not just the loud rumblings of a belly laugh because she is incredibly funny, but also the soft whispers of inspiration and the rousing voice of empowerment."
– Elena Verlee



I would highly recommend working with Tanis if you want to feel empowered, inspired and child like. Tanis's energy is infectious!
– Sharon Tron



Tanis is the best facilitator we've had.  She brings solid experience, knowledge and such a warm, outgoing personality.  Tanis is smart, funny and really helped us learn. Sign up now to work with her – you're in for a treat!
– Cindy Hubbard

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